The One Best Tip before You Start Your e-Commerce Store

Okie, so you are all geared up to the teeth to slaughter your way through the cyber marketplace and make your presence known to your competitors who’re already on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and all the latest mumbo-jumbos of the latest internet technologies. Even if you do not have the resources, you at least want to … Read more

Traffic, Philosophy of

Just some analogies I observed while driving… Round About A traffic system with round-abouts is a huge no-no. It creates unnecessarily delay and congestion. I’ve read somewhere that round-abouts were designed to ‘slow-down’ traffic. Likewise, when trying to arrive at a decision, having round-abouts are like indecisiveness. Resign to the fact that you cannot make … Read more

Sir Richard Branson is Coming to Town!

Sir Richard Branson, the renowned British industrialist is coming to KL next month for the Dawn of the New Decade – Alternative Investments in Asia forum. Here’s the press release on the event, thanks to Elya of on the note. KL TO WELCOME SIR RICHARD BRANSON FOR LANDMARK FORUM Kuala Lumpur, Monday, 9 August … Read more