Mises: Inflation as a Monetary Policy

Mises on inflation— page 428, Human Action. "First: Inflationary or expansionist policy must result in overconsumption on the one hand and malinvestment on the other. It thus squander capital and impairs the future state of want-satisfaction. Second: The inflationary process does not remove the necessity of adjusting production and reallocating [continue...]

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Inflation is Not Rising Prices

Inflation is one of the most pervasive and cunning tax that a government can impose on its people. You might be wondering how can I label the phenomenon of rising prices as a form of tax. To put it simply, I categorize every and any actions that a government [continue...]

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A Short Review on Frederic Bastiat

Not more than 3 weeks ago, I came across the name Frederic Bastiat while I was discussing with some folks on Austrian school of economics. The first Bastiat material I read was 'The Law', published a few months before his death in December 1850. And from there, I continued [continue...]

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What Products Can I Sell?

This question gets asked a lot especially since anyone can now become an online seller simply by just opening a store using one of the many available marketplaces we have in Malaysia. However, the question that one should be asking is, "What would people want to buy from me?" Although [continue...]

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