Unpopular Opinions on Government Interventions During COVID-19 Crisis

It all started with an interview with 2 doctors from Bakersfield in US. Dr Dan Erickson and Dr Artin Massihi were briefing the press with the COVID-19 data they’ve collected from their clinic and using that as evidence why the lockdown is an over-exaggerated response which could be causing more damage than the virus itself. I shared the 1-hour interview on YouTube and within hours, the video was suspended by YouTube for violating community guidelines.

I did not agree with some of the points the doctors made but that’s the whole point of perspectives- you need differing opinions to form a better understanding of a situation. The information that Dr Erickson shared during the interview was very useful, especially on how important our immune system is in handling a viral attack. However, YouTube don’t seem to agree with that.

Fortunately, truth is as ubiquitous as a virus if you know where to find it. So, I started collecting interviews from legit experts- epidemiologist, physicians, computer scientists, bio-statisticians, bio-physicist, medical researchers et al. Okay, I grant you that these interviews might not be the truth, since these individuals are also acting based on the data that we have so far, but you would have to agree that this is the best we can do right now. This is definitely more realistic that using some mathematical projections that produces results that hardly mimic reality.

Below are some videos which I feel you should watch to form an informed opinion on the current state of affairs in regards to the way the government policies are affecting our lives.

If we fast forward one year into the future, and if things did not turned out as predicted by these scientists, we can always look back and have a good laugh at it. But what if what is discussed here contains important information that government official channels and mainstream media has conveniently left out because these information do not fit into their narratives of creating panic and fear mongering.

I urge you to spend some time to watch at least one of the videos below. You have already absorbed so much information from the official channels- your government officials, the health ministry, the WHO. But now, allow yourself to consider another perspective and decide with your own logical reasoning, does this new information makes sense?

Things might not be what it seems.

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