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I built my first PC circa 2002, almost 15 years ago. It was an AMD machine with an ASUS motherboard. I remembered it has 256MB of RAM which was a big deal, and a 2GB Maxtor hard drive. I have no idea what happened to that machine, but it really [continue...]

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E-mail attachments can sometimes be a very damaging thing- not referring to the virus and scams that you get everyday. It's the fact that once your attachment is sent out, there's no way you can 'undo' it. You can definitely remember the time when your attachment is sent to the wrong [continue...]

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At Twelve Volts Technologies, we bootstrapped from Day One. And if you've any experience with bootstrapping, you would understand the crazy hours and insane amount of coffee. All efforts were focused on survival. And then the storms and blizzard began to calm. The burn-out is real. And for a long [continue...]

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