On Workstations

I built my first PC circa 2002, almost 15 years ago. It was an AMD machine with an ASUS motherboard. I remembered it has 256MB of RAM which was a big deal, and a 2GB Maxtor hard drive. I have no idea what happened to that machine, but it really got me through lots of freelance projects and contributed hundreds of hour of rendering time for my award-winning 3D animation. The return on investment for that AMD machine was easily a hundred fold.

In the age of internet shopping convenience, only people with a lot of time on their hands would think about building their own workstation. Anyone who knows how to check out an item online, pay their online orders with their credit card can buy a notebook easily. So easy that most probably don’t even bother to look at the full specs of the machine they are getting. They probably just stopped right at the part where the online brochure says “Made for those who wants to get the job done…”

Well, I am not anyone. I am actually quite fed up with the stock machines offered by manufacturers these days. Too much cosmetics. Too much sugar-coatings. Too much emphasis on outlooks and forms. I am hungry for raw power.

So, today, I have decided build myself a new workstation. It may not be cost effective than those stock machines out there, but at least I get to maxed out on the stuff that really matters to me.

I don’t want to ‘Think Different’. I want to ‘Do Different’.

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