Hua Seng Heng Outlets

Hua Seng Heng Gold Bars - Stacked

If you’re visiting Bangkok, specifically Yaowarat (Chinatown), you would discover that the street is lined with goldsmiths and gold shops. And nice Thai-Chinese delicacies too. I was introduced to the Hua Seng Heng brand a few years back by a friend who runs a goldsmith shop in Bangkok. He produces finished gold jewelleries for the … Read more

Why are Malaysians Divided on the Pandemic?

The most sinister part of the MCO is that not all businesses are equally affected by the measures. While some may continue to work from home, some would totally lose a majority of their customers or even a complete shutdown of their business due to the inconveniences caused. This in turn creates a divided populace … Read more

Mises: Inflation as a Monetary Policy

Mises on inflation— page 428, Human Action. “First: Inflationary or expansionist policy must result in overconsumption on the one hand and malinvestment on the other. It thus squander capital and impairs the future state of want-satisfaction. Second: The inflationary process does not remove the necessity of adjusting production and reallocating resources. It merely postpones it … Read more

Inflation is Not Rising Prices

Inflation is one of the most pervasive and cunning tax that a government can impose on its people. You might be wondering how can I label the phenomenon of rising prices as a form of tax. To put it simply, I categorize every and any actions that a government undertakes which results in reducing the … Read more

A Short Review on Frederic Bastiat

Frederic Bastiat Portrait

Not more than 3 weeks ago, I came across the name Frederic Bastiat while I was discussing with some folks on Austrian school of economics. The first Bastiat material I read was ‘The Law‘, published a few months before his death in December 1850. And from there, I continued to read the ‘The Parable of … Read more