Why are Malaysians Divided on the Pandemic?

The most sinister part of the MCO is that not all businesses are equally affected by the measures. While some may continue to work from home, some would totally lose a majority of their customers or even a complete shutdown of their business due to the inconveniences caused.

This in turn creates a divided populace that view the measures as a mere inconvenience and while those that are less fortunate- a total destruction to their businesses and jobs. Some organizations and individuals even thrived during this crisis. E.g. Grab drivers who lost their major income source due to less passengers vs food delivery guys who see a surge in demand.

Even as the inequality of these lockdown measures may seem to favor some while causes irrecoverable damages to others, we must be reminded that the economy of a nation is not independent of one another. The resulting downward spiral in the loss of jobs will eventually be even out by people competing for the same jobs and opportunities that thrived during the crisis, thereby causing the lucrative margins in these vocations to disappear.

As the impact of the MCO is felt differently by each entity in the economy, it also makes it an insurmountable challenge for the public to come together to oppose these draconian measures. A classic case of divide & conquer by the ruling elites.

I can only urge those who are not yet affected by the impact of these lockdowns to remember the warnings of Martin Niemöller in his poem- “First They Came…”. If our government officials are given such unchecked authority to shut down the livelihoods of your fellow citizens, your best odds to protect your self interest is to stand together with them to push back against such infringements.

A totalitarian government is not your ally and the sooner you realize that the better.

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