Priority or Focus

There’s only so many things you can do today.

Yes, it’s a good idea to prioritize, but I feel it still leaves too much room for distractions.

What if you limit yourself to only ONE assignment today? I bet you can do it really well, today.

What’s that one thing that cannot wait?

If you can only stock your warehouse with only 3 products, what would they be? And by focusing all your efforts on only these 3 products, I am sure the results would be very different.

What if you only serves 5 dishes in your restaurant?

Sometimes, limitations is not such a bad thing.

3 thoughts on “Priority or Focus”

    • Indeed, finding out what we want could be quite a task. Sometimes, we might not even enjoy the process or end result after obtaining what we thought we wanted in the beginning.

      If you find yourself enjoying what you do, maybe that would help to lead you to something. It’s good to start off with the end in mind, but in some cases, the spontaneity of the moment without any regards to any short or long term gains would be also something worth living for.


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