Pushing Your Luck

"Some people became too carried away by the air of excitement at the apparently unstoppable advance. An American war correspondent, determined to beat his rivals, turned up in Chartres so as to witness the capture of the city. Unfortunately, he was two days early. The German 6th Security Regiment promptly [continue...]

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Be Careful with Your Ideas

So, you've just had a great idea that flashed through your head while shaving this morning. Be careful with that because 15,391,482 individuals on this planet probably had that same epiphany. It likely didn't become a reality because a myriad of reasons- inactivity, distractions and it's probably not [continue...]

2017-09-30T00:37:20+08:00September 30th, 2017|Daily Observations|0 Comments

On Workstations

I built my first PC circa 2002, almost 15 years ago. It was an AMD machine with an ASUS motherboard. I remembered it has 256MB of RAM which was a big deal, and a 2GB Maxtor hard drive. I have no idea what happened to that machine, but it really [continue...]

2017-05-22T03:42:24+08:00May 22nd, 2017|Technology|2 Comments

Top Line vs Bottom Line

Enterprises are paid to create wealth, not to control costs. But that obvious fact is not reflected in traditional measurements. First-year accounting students are taught that the balance sheet portrays the liquidation value of the enterprise and provides creditors with worst-case information. But enterprises are not normally run [continue...]

2017-04-07T14:27:08+08:00April 7th, 2017|Entrepreneurship|0 Comments
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