Signing Off for 2017

Haven’t wrote anything longer than a paragraph lately. No, I haven’t been building furniture. I was busy closing this year’s revenue with a bang. We attempted to double our revenue this year from 2016 and we are very close. There’s still 5 days to go before 2017 runs out, anything can still happen.

Also, I’ve been catching up on my readings. The best I could do was to tweet sporadically when some interesting thoughts cross my synapses. And when you are reading a few books at the same time, your thoughts can get very interesting indeed.

Don’t worry, you won’t be reading any ‘My Resolutions for This Year…’ in this space. Resolutions are for losers. It’s just an excuse to announce to the world you are not going to achieve those goals. You don’t need resolutions, you just need actions. And if those ‘resolutions’ are important enough, you should already be working on it.

Today, I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on making it to 2018.

Happy holidays and keep hustling!



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