9 Data Sets for Your Ecommerce Store

Just a few days back, I wrote on the metrics that you should focus on when running your online business.

And Scott Gerber (via Mashable) has got 9 data sets from 9 different entrepreneurs:

  • 1. User Acquisition Costs
  • 2. Abandoned Carts
  • 3. Google Analytics Experiments
  • 4. Visitor Value
  • 5. Lifetime Value
  • 6. Traffic
  • 7. Lead Source ROI
  • 8. Purchase Funnel
  • 9. Percentage of Mobile Visits
  • If there’s one thing I would add to the list above, it’s the Customer Engagement metric. Simply put, the Customer Engagement metric measures how effective your marketing messages are. For instance, open rates and response rate for your email campaigns. Click-through rate for your ad banners. Leads from your Youtube videos. Comments on your blog or Facebook posts.

    Measuring performance and tracking your numbers is very important but you should always be careful not to overdo it. Think of the big picture.

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