Repressed or Reform?

It’s everywhere by now. On the mainstream papers, independent news portal and cable TVs. Everyone on the street is talking about it. The world is watching.

Yes, Malaysia’s future is at stake. The outcome of the events to come will determine how every Malaysian will live. Will we continue to be repressed by the power-that-be, or will the wind of change start blowing the People’s way?

Here’s a little contribution to the topic, inspired by headlines, blogs and youtube videos around the web.
Anwar and the Twenty Commandos

Justice will prevail, I hope.

3 thoughts on “Repressed or Reform?”

  1. May be our country will be better off governed by aunties or makcik-makcik, at least they know that prices of food and whatever not have increased, and they are a better financial controllers than a bunch of fools up there


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