Terry Fox Ran

terry-fox-sidebar.jpgOkie, here’s a quick post-up on this morning’s Terry Fox Run.

I arrived there with my man-powered bike, and there was no sign showing where the Assembly Area is until you actually reach the Assembly Area (duh!), and the marshals I asked obviously had no idea either. Wasted about 10 minutes just to find the starting point, before I park my bike. Suppose to rendezvous with a few friends but the run already started. There was such a BIG crowd, like white ants trail going off from the Starting Line. So I started the run anyway, hoping to meet up with a few familiar faces later on.


Yours truly took the Long Run, shown on the map in green line. It was a pretty steep uphill climb, and for first time Lake Garden runners like me, I had to control my speed in case I “pancit” half-way up the hill.

LensaMalaysia’s photographers are everywhere, trying to catch candid shots of runners. The marshals did a great job also guiding the runners along the route. A few fella runners didn’t notice the extended Long Run and ended up running 2 rounds of the Short Run to make it up.

After finishing the loop, there was a lot of freebies for runners- High 5 Breads in variety of flavors, bottle waters, bananas, and of course, the Milo Van. I regretted taking the Milo, which gave me a terrible stomach ache…

The crowd began to disperse at around 11 am.

Outside at the parking area, travel buses should be informed about the event and they should avoid entering the Lake Garden area since these over-sized vehicles is the main traffic-cloggers. I have seen a few cars scratched and knocked on the sides by these buses as they maneuver their way between double-side-parked roads, and of course, ran off with it…

It was a great event and outing. Even as the run ended, over here at the Terry Fox Web Team, we are still getting enquiries from people who are asking if they can just buy the T-Shirt and contribute to the charity cause. A caring and selfless society we still have, amidst rising crime rates.

This event is definitely in my calendar every year.

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