OpenCart and Journal Theme

If you are familiar with how OpenCart works, you would have realized by now that getting your OpenCart up-to-date can be a very overwhelming task. Each time the folks at OpenCart announces a new release, everyone starts popping champagne because someone's finally going to fix the critical bugs, but lo [continue...]

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WooCommerce Now Part of WordPress

On 19th May, one of the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugins - WooCommerce becomes officially part of the WordPress family. Some fast facts on WooCommmerce as of May 2015. Founders: Mark Forrester & Magnus Jepson Number of Employees: 55 Downloads: 7 million with approximately 1 million active installed base Market [continue...]

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Purchasing and Sourcing

Both activities get products into your store. One should be automated, the other one needs a bit more intervention from you. Purchasing is a formula built using a few variables- stock status, historical purchase, sale's growth (or decline) etc. You should have a system that tells you this automatically. Your [continue...]

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They are generally 2 types of online selling platforms. Type A: One that allow others to sell on it (eBay, Lelong, Rakuten,, Taobao) and , Type B: One that sells directly to customers (Amazon, Home Depot). Note to merchants (sellers) who are offered both platforms from the same company. [continue...]

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