OpenCart and Journal Theme

If you are familiar with how OpenCart works, you would have realized by now that getting your OpenCart up-to-date can be a very overwhelming task.

Each time the folks at OpenCart announces a new release, everyone starts popping champagne because someone’s finally going to fix the critical bugs, but lo and behold, each new releases also introduces a new swarm of bugs.

That’s Open Source for you…

Anyway, if you are using Journal Theme for your OpenCart, always remember to update the Journal theme right after you updated OpenCart. It doesn’t matter if there’s no new version for Journal, but just proceed to update your Journal with the latest version you have on hand so that you overwrite the files on the freshly updated OpenCart. If you don’t update your Journal theme and proceed to access the admin pages, you might lose some or all of your Journal theme settings, which can be a pain-in-the-ass.

You will not get any warnings from your Journal theme. I learned this the hard way. You’ve been warned!

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