Is the Dengue Infection Out of Control?

A close friend’s mother recently passed away due to dengue fever. There are friends who I know personally admitted to hospital due to dengue.

Too many reports of dengue cases, and all these incidents are directly from the people I know. The regularity of these dengue reports are frightening. At this rate, I really think that the virus is starting to get out of control.

Maybe it’s the change of the weather. Or the urban environment which is favorable to the breeding of these deadly Aedes mosquitoes.

Whatever it is, please take extra caution.

Some stats from
2014 (Jan to May) – 36,825 cases reported, with 72 deaths.
2013 – 41,226 cases reported, 88 deaths.
2012 – 21,444 cases reported, 35 deaths.
2011 – 19,884 cases reported, 36 deaths.
2010 – 46,171 cases reported, 134 deaths.

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