New Directions

It’s been a very interesting journey in the past years sharing financial info and tips with many of you readers. If you are actually still following this space, you probably thought that the owner has just left for vacation, without leaving any notice when he’s coming back.

My adventurous (or reckless) side took the better of me sometime in Oct 2010 and I joined up with a few friends to start an e-commerce venture. And that’s when my schedule started going crazy.

Hence the lack of update (or more like total abandonment) on this site.

I thought that it would be a good idea to continue writing, since it does give me a rather therapeutic effect. And I seriously cannot remember when was the last time I actually get to write something that is not related to work. It’s very unhealthy for the brain cells, if you ask me.

I am not sure how will evolve; will it continue to offer money-related information or would it be turned into just another blog where I will post I just had for dinner. I highly doubt it’s the latter.

Like anyone who is writing to an audience (based on Google Analytics, I actually still have quite a healthy level of traffic!), I always thought that I should write something that the readers can actually gain something after reading it. And what I mean by gain is that the reader would be better off reading off a sentence in this site as compared to say… watching paint dry.

At this point, my e-commerce venture requires me to commit quite a high chunk of my resources. Anyone who has started a successful online store, you have my utmost respect.

To keep the momentum going again, I will write about how one goes about starting an e-commerce ventures. Might not be what you signed up for initially, but this is a new turning point for

Changes are a coming…

The good news (hopefully for you too) is, I am back writing.

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