Home Loan Calculator

Uploaded a new calculator- Home Loan Calculator!

Home Loan Calculator

Here’s how to use it:-

Step 1: Insert the loan amount you are going for.

Step 2: Check up the BLR Rate and the loan interest rate your bank is offering.

Step 3: Insert the loan term, usually from 15 years to 30 years.

Step 4: Finally, decide on the starting date of the loan and press “Calculate“!

4 thoughts on “Home Loan Calculator”

  1. I didnt notice there was a Huge change b/w monthly installment with Bi-Week installment.

    Even tot pay amt per month was still the same, but interest can save a lots!!!

    Hmm… Will consider pay twice / month now.
    I oso wonder, wat if I pay weekly? Will it b able 2 save MORE? hehe :P

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