Richest Malaysians: TOP 20

Malaysian's Tycoons

Notice the huge “diabetic” gap between the champion- Robert Kuok and the first-runner up- Ananda Krishnan.

“Uncle Lim” is 4th place with his theme park.

Budget airliner’s boss Tony Fernandes ranks 12th on the chart.

Where will the average Malaysian wage earner like you and me rank? Maybe every family should have some sort of a chart like this.

Well, that’s a hell lot of money for 20 individuals…

6 thoughts on “Richest Malaysians: TOP 20”

  1. This one is only the sanitized list. This gives UMNO another crap excuse to extend the NEP for god knows how long.

    Any street smart person knows the rich buggers are the politicians who siphoned off tax payer’s money and hid their ill gotten gains.

    Should also not forget the triads and crime lords of Malaysia.

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