“Buku Wang Saku” and “Buku Perancangan dan Penyata Kewangan Keluarga” for 2006

I have no idea how much it costs and I’ve never come accross it yet in the bookstores, but it’s surely worth getting a copy.

Firstly and most importantly, the illustrations are done by Lat.

Secondly, the first reason’s a good enough reason.

A good move by BNM to promote the importance of budgetting and planning amongst the rakyat, since it’s all too easy for the average rakayt to be mind-controlled by the “shop (read: spend) till you drop” mentality that is conciously/sub-conciously promoted by the retailers.

I am definitely getting a copy when I am trapped in a bookstore again.

Via Bank Negara Malaysia

BWS is designed specially for students and the 2006 edition carries the theme “Financial education as a foundation for financial planning”. It features illustrations that highlight the importance of financial education that provides knowledge in money and finance amongst students. The use of BWS by students as a learning tool would inculcate the culture and habit of smart personal money management. All illustrations in BWS are by Y.Bhg Dato’ Mohd Nor Khalid, or better known as “Lat”. To-date, in collaboration with the commercial banks under the School Adoption Programme, a total of 4.5 million copies of BWS have been distributed to the students of more than 7,000 schools all over Malaysia.

The BPPKK or Household Planning and Account Book 2006 is designed to assist the family to manage their budget and planning of household income, expenses, savings and investments. The book includes a section that features the concept of “Life and Financial Planning” for a family. BPPKK has also been distributed through selected distribution channels such as selected book stores and Kedai Pos 2020 since 1999 to reach adult Malaysians, in particular, women and workers with the objective of providing greater knowledge and awareness in financial planning and budgeting.

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